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Wake up! Wake up!

Wake Up! Wake Up!

There is that dream that we all have some days. We’re standing in the middle of the road and it’s raining and we don’t have a coat, but it’s okay because we can’t feel the rain either, like it’s distant or we’re a figment of someone’s imagination, just here, watching a memory unfold that we have no remembrance of. But then there is a light and a car is careening towards us and we’re like “Slow down. Slow the fuck down,” but under our breathes because we know the person inside can’t hear us anyway. And even though the rain can’t touch us and even though we feel inconsequential and even though we are standing in the middle of the road with plenty of ample time to move away from it, and even though we see the person in the car - your mother, your best friend, your lover, your fifth grade music teacher (the one who always picked you to play the xylophone for some reason she thought you were uncannily good at smashing metal)? - and their eyes are getting wide and they start honking honking yet we can’t hear it, we don’t….

we don’t move out of the way.

There is a car crash that’s about to happen and we have the foresight to stop it and we don’t.

we can’t

Because the rain won’t touch us.

And we are not really

not really



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In celebration of hitting 1.2k lately, I have decided to make a follow forever (or for as long as I am alive and kicking and running this..thing), to showcase my favourite blogs that have made my Tumblr stay a memorable one, so thank you so much to all of you included in this list!

But first, I would like to make a section dedicated to the two people that matter most to me in this world who are, dearest-watson & agrandoldoll or my John Watson & Irene Adler, who have always been there for me, whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to just talk to. They may not know it because I am shit at showing emotions, but they have always counted and made my life a happy one in ways I can’t describe. They have always been there to remind me that I am not alone with my demons, and I have always cherished that. They are quite frankly, two of the closest people to me at this moment, and I’m thankful to have them in my life and thank you so much for being you and letting me be your friend. Maybe sentiment isn’t a chemical defect after all, Sherlock..

Aside from them, there are also people from real life which I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years, and that of which I am happy to call my friends. Thank you to everything you have done for me. Bless you.

rinalovesfood || friedchickenlover26 || awittykid || smoochgoose || corazontune || sherlock-no-jumping

Now that the “obligatory honourable mentions” are now over, it is time to get started with the good stuff!

Bolded are mutuals; italicized are my tumblr senpais basically; an * next to it are Tumblr buds I have had the pleasure of knowing on here.

Fair in mind that the purpose of this is me thanking and admiring great blogs on here that have made me smile and still do. I’m just a very gratuitous person, I’m so sorry ^^’! If you are not on here, there is a chance I do not recognize your blog for you have changed your url, so please do not hesitate to contact me at all!

{ Also, each title is either a reference or a character’s name just to be a but creative if you don’t mind ^^! }

That being said, shall we begin?

# 221 B



aappledore || aiyon0206 || alonelymidgardian || amyyam || aneastwindiscomingwatson || anothermindpalace || areichenbachfall || astudyinjumpers || astudyinrose || astudyinyourpants

Bill Wiggins

bbcbees || bbclestrade || beejohn || bekah1218 || benbenny || bencumberbatchs || benededuct || benedict—cumberbatch || benedict-bear || benedictcumberbatchruinedme || benedryl || bmcg8210 *

Charles Augustus Magnussen

capt-john-h-watson-md || cassiem9009 || consultingaytective || cptnwtsn || cumberbuttox *

David (Mary’s ex)

dammitben * || dancing-inthe-milkyway * || deaded || decadentwallpaper || deducecrime || destinedforjohnlock || detectivebenedict || districthayffie || doctorwhoatson || dontkillmysherlock || dr-watsons-lover * || dramatisecho || dvminatrix

East Wind is Coming

eastawaywest * || emillu || enerjax

Fire Exposes Our Priorities

doctorsdeepbreath (fireypond) || floccinaucinihilipilificationa || flutteringphalanges * || forsciencejohn || fuckoff-imacting

Greg Lestrade

getlestrade || getonthefloorbenedict || ghostbees || goestheclock * || guiltyasdeduced

Henry Knight

hayffiechild || hislastval || holmelet || holmes-boys || holmesthethird || holmeswatsn

Irene Adler

independentkiosks || ireallyshouldbedrawing || ireneadler || iwillblogtheheartoutofyou || ignorus

John Hamish Watson

jawnwtsun || jessamygriffin || johnlocknetwork * || johnlocksholmies || johnshock || johnstached || jumperben-holybatch

Kitty Riley


Lienster Gardens

letsplaymurder || liarmorstan || likefiguresonaweatherclock || littlebabybatch || lockwatson || loki-ate-my-sandwich

Molly, Mycroft, and Martha Hudson

m1211nasu || mindpalace || mndpalace || mollyadler || mommy-holmes || moriartte || moriartyisrising || moriartysskull || morivrty || mrsexhimself

Not My Area

nashyara || nohomosherlock


obviously-my-division || ojisea

Phillip Anderson


Quite The Pair (Johnlock)

queersherlockian *

Reichenbach Falls


Sherlock Scott Holmes

sakibatch || sapphii, who just de-activated her account and I didn’t even have the chance to say thank you or bid farewell :<. but honestly i hope you are fine friend. || scandalinirene * || seki0930 || sh2jw || shaggingshezza || shatteredsherlock || sherholmies || sherlcvk || sherleg || sherlock-is-the-fire-of-my-loins || sherlock-you-slut || sherlockedgrrl || sherlockianswatsonholmes || sherlockislikeadrug || sherlocksnotholme || sherlvckholmes || sherlyswag || sheswatsoned || shevrlock || shezzae || shitlock || shurloch || shycroft || silent-micka || sir-arthur-conan-doyle * || sir-mycroft || sitatemis || sociosleuth || superbatzy * || sussext || swarley || sweetienekochan *

Tom (Meat Dagger ahoy)

the-enigmatic-crux || the-swimming-detective || thebarofgold || thebeautyofdisorder || thecluebook || thefamousmrholmes * || thefreemanwizard || thegameissomething || themindpalaces || theprivatelifeofsherlockholmes || thescienceofcrime || thewomvn || they-call-me-wiggy * || threepatchpodcast || tumult-in-the-clouds || two-cheekbones-on-a-cabbage *

Uhh… Westwood

uhwestwood (you were the inspiration of this title XD) || uss-cumberbatch *

Why Is She Like That?!

watsons-daughter-sherlock || willamholmes || wisesnail || wonderlandinmymind || wordsthatkeepyouhome || wutsun

You Keep Me Right.


Phew! That was a ton, well I had fun doing it and I can’t take you all enough, seriously. Thank YOU so much, and I hope you have a great day/ night!

Look at you, making my day! Thanks so much hun! *huuuuuuuuuuuuuug!* I’m practically blushing! :D!

I just talked to this Amazon Local customer service provider, and she sounded uncannily like a friend of mine… like uncannily. And then… when we were about done, I got the feeling she wanted to say something. She sounded sort of bemused.

Anyway, it was weird. Don’t know why I’m sharing… but everyone is asleep and I’m not. Except, you guys are awake.

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